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Raymond Lutz, author


December 7, 2007

Author Claims DNA Match Authenticates Biblical Scripture

Raymond Clark Lutz, Local Author, Presents "Coils of the Serpent" in pre-publication party on December 16th.

National release slated for April 7, 2008, the 5th anniversary of the completion of the human genome

RANCHO SAN DIEGO, CA (Dec 7) -- "The debate over evolution vs. intelligent design will never be the same," Raymond Clark Lutz said, author of the ground-breaking novel "Coils of the Serpent" (Infinity Publishing) slated for national release April 7, 2008, the five-year anniversary of the completion of the human genome. "This novel presents compelling evidence that some portions of the Bible can be authenticated through DNA pattern matching. Even researchers of the Dead Sea Scrolls use DNA technology to decide which fragments of parchment come from the same animal hide. But the question is rarely asked: Does the Bible describe DNA and the pattern of life we see in our world?" Lutz says the novel presents factual evidence that it does. "Each reader will have to decide how this evidence affects their own beliefs on the matter."

"The way this book ties evolution, science, and the history of the church into a tight package and then tops it off with a stunning conclusion was really quite remarkable," Tamara Romeo, an advertising and marketing executive said. "I really recommend this book. The story was great."

Lutz said that he originally wrote the book as nonfiction but found it was much more powerful and compelling to present the controversial subject using a fictional cast of characters who debate the points and reach their astounding conclusion. At the same time, the story is driven forward with a thrilling FBI murder investigation mystery. He says it's a bit like "The Da Vinci Code" meets "Jurassic Park." The book is 357 pages and includes a lengthy bibliography to support the conclusions reached.

"It was a fun way to learn about DNA and the creationism-evolution debate," John Hughes said, a retired aerospace engineer. "I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of the three researchers and the fresh interpretation of Genesis."

"Comparing ancient scriptures with modern DNA science has never been fruitful before," said the author. "You will be amazed and probably a bit disturbed by the chilling result. It will likely upset Darwinists as much as it does creationists and fundamentalist theologians. If you like thinking about our origins and the science vs. religion debate, this book presents a historic new take on the topic."

A pre-publication kick-off party will be held at the Rancho San Diego Library Community Room at 2 p.m. on Sunday, December 16th. The library is located at 11555 Via Rancho San Diego, 92019. A limited number of books will be available for purchase and signing by the author from an exclusive pre-publication printing. Light refreshments will be served. Seating is limited.


Raymond Clark Lutz is an active contributor to the technical and scientific community, and he has published hundreds of papers, technical documents and public standards. Knowledgeable in science, engineering and marketing, Lutz holds several patents, has been part of numerous start-up enterprises, and is involved in the latest developments in biotechnology and physics. His interest in the science versus religion controversy extends back many years. A keen marketer and public speaker, Lutz has organized many industry conferences and development groups. He holds a Master of Science degree in Electronics Engineering and is active in politics, particularly with regard to the expansion of privatized military.


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ISBN: 0-7414-4228-0 2007
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