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HEADLINE: Author Raymond Lutz, Coils of the Serpent, previews his book and the research he did in order to write it

Mr. RAYMOND CLARK LUTZ (Coils of the Serpent):

This is a representation of DNA. This molecule is the most important molecule every discovered by science about life. In fact, all life on earth, whether it is a small cell, all the way up to the largest whale, and anywhere in between, is based on this same molecule, without hardly any variation at all. All organisms on earth are, without exception, based on this same, underlying pattern. Scientists believe this is the most important discovery of all time.

And this discovery, although DNA existed through all time that life existed on this planet, we've only had this information in say, the last fifty years or so.

At the same time of getting this scientific information, we also have information flowing down through another channel, from antiquity in the form of sacred documents, such as this Bible. The Bible tells the story, and it includes the story of creation and talks about life.

And the question is, does this Bible, does this ancient document include this (holds up DNA molecule model) important information about life?

Now you could argue that perhaps any truly "sacred" document __must__ include this most profound and most basic information about life. And, if it doesn't, then is it truly sacred?

Well, this exact question is the one I ask in my book. I'm Raymond Lutz, the author of __Coils of the Serpent__. And, I'd like to suggestion that you get and read my book. I ask this question in the book in the form of a novel although it could have been cast in the form of a nonfiction book. Indeed, I wrote it that way at first, but I found that by having different characters from different points of view -- attack it from those different points of view -- it is much more interesting, and I could get at those points of view better, and this way it is a lot more enjoyable because of those -- as I said -- different points of view.

Dan, being an agnostic, a dot-com success story, lost his father 25 years ago in a strange accident. John, a born-again Christian who had substance-abuse problems in the past and Christianity was what really helped him get through those, and Shannon, coming from the biotech area, she's a biotech grad student, formerly a Catholic -- brought up as a Catholic but since she has adopted scientific views, has fallen away from that tradition.

Those three different characters met in a book club and have since been meeting for coffee and so forth, and they're sitting one day enjoying themselves over coffee, and a stranger, an old vagabond walks in and he says, "Gee, I overhear you talking about DNA" -- they were at the time, and he says, "you know, you're not even asking the most important question." And they said, "Well, what do you mean, what is the most important question?" -- "Well, the question is, Does God know about DNA, and is it 'taught' in the Bible?"

Well, it wasn't a question they expected, but the characters took this question on and started investigating it themselves. That story is folded in with FBI agent Russell Hall investigating the disappearance of William Freeman. These two storylines coem together for a very interesting ending.

Now, the book expresses the view that in a very interesting way, DNA and the pattern of life is actually found in the biblical text. And, it's found not in an unimportant, back-eddy of the Bible somewhere, but in one of the most important passages of all western thought. It's also found in a way that is hard to refute. It connects in so many ways, not just one simple connection, but many connections, such that it is very hard to say that "it isn't in there."

Now if you're a believer you have to ask, how does that impact the rest of the story? How does that impact the rest of my beliefs? Because this important story has now been reinterpreted.

And if you're an evolutionist and a scientist, and you realize that this pattern of DNA is actually found and described in Genesis, you have to ask, How did this story get in there? How did ancient man get that information, and how was it inserted into the document.

I will tell you, if you start reading this, you can't put it down. It's a question that has never been asked before, and clearly described in this way. This is a breakthrough type of a book. Get it and read it. You'll not only learn something about DNA that you may have forgotten since you learned it in school, but also, about how that fits into the biblical text.

Again, my name is Raymond Lutz, and the book is __Coils of the Serpent__. Get it and read it today. You'll enjoy it, and I promise you won't be able to put it down.

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