Coils of the Serpent Cover
357 pages, softcover.

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    Prologue: A Death
    Ch 1. Friends
    Ch 2. Agent Hall
    Ch 5: The Challenge
    Ch 23: Eden
    Suggested Reading
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To acquaint you with the novel, I've chosen a number of excerpts that I would likely read at a live event, such as a book reading. These will give you an idea of how the book reads as well as the general method of finding patterns in literature from antiquity. Indeed, I'm trying to take care so as to not spoil the mystery of the novel as you read it. We wouldn't want to spoil the fun!

  • Foreword - Describes the claims of truth in the novel.

  • Prologue: A Death  -   The action plotline introduced here is interwoven into the primary plotline throughout the novel.

  • Chapter 1: Friends  -   Dan, Shannon, and John, friends who met at a recent book club meeting, drink coffee as they square off over DNA, O.J. Simpson, and Jurassic Park.

  • Chapter 2: Agent Hall  -   FBI Agent Russell Hall investigates a case of a missing person which has a haunting connection to his past.

  • Chapter 5: The Challenge  -   The main characters face the ultimate challenge of the novel, posed by a scruffy vagabond.

  • Chapter 23: Eden  -   The characters look into scripture to find pattern matches with high technology facts of biology, and they consider the location of the Garden of Eden. The method of pattern matching based on a clear reading of the scripture and comparing with known archaeological facts exemplifies the method used in the book. Considering the location of Eden does not require any biotechnology knowledge to be understood yet clearly demonstrates the method of correlation between science and the scriptures.

  • Suggested Reading  -   Finally, a list of references is provided, a rarity in a novel, and a small fraction of the research required to write the novel. Readers may wish to continue their own investigation into this subject area.

    Many, but not all citations are mentioned explicitly in the text. Some describe a contrary opinion to that accepted by the characters in their pursuit of the truth, and so citations listed here should not all be considered as supporting evidence, but indeed are part of the ongoing conversation to resolve our ultimate position in the universe.

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