Macroevolution explained by hybridization

I encourage anyone who is honestly concerned about the “missing links” in the fossil record to review the excellent book provided at Eugene M. McCarthy, Ph.D. Genetics provides a very persuasive argument that hybridization between “species” is the source of the jumps in the fossil record.

The missing links I am referring to are with regard to the fact that no animal has gradually changed from one form to the next. In every case, there are sudden jumps in the record, with no intervening types.  I found Dr. McCarthy’s carefully written discourse extremely satisfying, answering many of the questions I outlined in prior blog posts. For all those who have argued with me regarding those issues, I refer you to the book available in its entirety at

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  1. koolokamba says:

    Thanks for your positive comments about my book. I do think that the theory it presents is a better explanation of evolution than is the one offered by traditional neo-Darwinism. I also think that biology will only progress when biologists stop being so defensive and face the facts documented in the fossil record — even if it means eating a little crow and admitting that the creationists, have been right about certain issues. What’s needed is to construct explanations of available data in terms of known phenomena. Certainly, we biologists should not ignore or dismiss fossil data simply because it’s inconsistent with the things we were taught in school. Anyway, thanks again!

    Gene McCarthy
    Ph.D. Genetics

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