What is this blog about?

The novel Coils of the Serpent has inspired quite a number of questions and comments on forums and blogs across the Internet. The pattern match described in the novel prompts a re-evaluation of some of the conclusions we have drawn about the history of life on earth and religious doctrine.

This blog will be a convenient place to provide additional insight and background information to support the various claims and conclusions reached in the novel. Indeed, since the novel deals with cutting-edge science in the area of genetics, evolution, and life’s origins, new information is bound to surface which will need to be included in our thinking process. As an interested fellow researcher in this domain, I encourage you to take part and contribute to the discussion.

Although I originally envisioned the novel as nonfiction, I recast the information as fiction for better marketability. Yet, I still believe a nonfiction treatment is viable. Hopefully, this blog will facilitate interaction with site visitors and will coalesce the information for future release as a nonfiction work.

I want to thank you in advance for your participation!

Raymond Clark Lutz

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